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Yoga Nidra, Ho Ho Ha Ha Grounding Dance, Laugh & Dance Party, Breath Connect Meditation, Humming Meditation, Exhale & Relax


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a unique art of conscious relaxation without really going to sleep. It generates a sense of calmness to the mind and you will feel energized, cheerful and relaxed. Just 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to two hours of ordinary sleep, and is the fastest way to recharge and relax both body and mind. Hear Dr. Kataria as he takes you through guided relaxation and helps you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Ho Ho Ha Ha Grounding Dance

Grounding dance is a technique used in laughter clubs after a laughter session and meditation. Although most people feel.energized after a laughter session, there are a few who get emotionally overwhelmed and unsettled. At times, they may experience sadness and may even feel like crying. Grounding dance is a spiritual method which uses the movement of the hands to direct the energy towards the ground making one feel emotionally stable and well grounded.

Laugh & Dance Party

Laughing and dancing are both expressions of joy which is the very basics of Laughter Yoga. This is a non- stop laugh and dance CD nterspersed with popular laughter exercises from Laughter Yoga clubs.

Breath Connect Meditation

Breath Connect Meditation is a powerful yet simple and easy to learn meditation. It is a technique of visualization and breathing at the same time that helps you to connect with others in a mysterious way and improves your relationship with others. We use our Minds Voice and Minds Eye to reflect and remember some important people in our life who have made a major difference. We see their faces on our mental screen, think about them and breathe for them. You can breathe for your partner and spouse, professional colleagues and also for people with whom you may be having a difficult time and a bad relationship. Any negativity or hatred towards that person will dissipate and you may see the changes in your behavior as well as in the behavior of the other person.

Humming Meditation

Humming involves deep and slow inhalation followed by prolonged exhalation which slows down the breathing rate significantly. Normally we breathe 15-17 times in a minute but with humming you can bring it down to 4-6 a minute which helps to slow down your heart rate and brings down your stress level. It is a great way to break the chain of thoughts and their reactions and help relax the body and mind, induce good sleep and also control high blood pressure.

Exhale & Relax

Hear Dr. K as he leads you through EXHALEX, a quick recharge method for highly stressed people. You can do it in just 10 minutes even while sitting in your office chair. We focus our mind on a particular part of the body and deliberately relax the muscles of that part while exhaling. In this process both inhalation and exhalation are prolonged and slow and help to release all fears, stress and tensions from the body and mind.

Track 1- Theory of EXHALEX.
Track 2- A guided session to help you learn & practice the technique.


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