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Laughter Yoga Learning Kit consists of Concept and Step by Step Session, Laughter Yoga Alone Understanding Concept + Practice Session, 40 Foundation Exercises, Three Most Popular Fun Games DVD from Laughter Clubs, Yoga Nidra Audio CD, Laugh & Dance Party.


Laughter Yoga – Concept and Step by Step Session

Dr. K gives explains the history, concept and philosophy of Laughter Yoga in-depth, and how it has changed his life and lives of thousands of people worldwide. In the second DVD watch a run through LY session along with Laughter Meditation.

Laughter Yoga Alone Understanding Concept + Practice Session

Developed by Dr. Kataria, these new techniques are very beneficial for those who do not have an easy access to Laugher Clubs. Especially in the West where laughter clubs meet just once a week, this is an innovative way of practicing laughter exercises and reaping the same health benefits as from the clubs.

This 2 DVD pack comprises the concept of Laughter Yoga Alone and a practice session of laughter and breathing exercises to help people do Laughter Yoga all by themselves.

40 Foundation Exercises

A collection of selected Laughter Yoga exercises, it is an effective blend of yogic, playful and value based exercises. It will help LY teachers to train laughter leaders and also those interested in learning more about Laughter Yoga sessions. Dr. K’s description of each exercise is coupled with captivating visuals from different laughter clubs round the world.

Three Most Popular Fun Games DVD from Laughter Clubs

These fun games are designed to cultivate childlike playfulness among grownups. This DVD includes games viz. Pizza Pasta, In The Bedroom and Whiff Piff. Easy to play, they make people laugh and are excellent ice breakers for trainings and workshops.

Yoga Nidra Audio CD

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a unique art of conscious relaxation without really going to sleep. It generates a sense of calmness to the mind and you will feel energized, cheerful and relaxed. Just 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to two hours of ordinary sleep, and is the fastest way to recharge and relax both body and mind. Hear Dr. Kataria as he takes you through guided relaxation and helps you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Laugh & Dance Party

Laughing and dancing are both expressions of joy which is the very basics of Laughter Yoga. This is a non- stop laugh and dance CD interspersed with popular laughter exercises from Laughter Yoga clubs.


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